South Africa Currency 1 Pound Test Proof
Certified by PCGS Currency


This unique test proof was discovered in the archives and submitted to PCGS Currency for authentication and grading. I purchased it from the dealer who submitted it to PCGS Currency because it is historical, unique and shows the final states of the printing process. This 1 Pound Test Proof is a printing of the back, but prior to the overprint of colors. It is uniface (blank front) and is in choice uncirculated condition.

Here is a comparison of the 1 Pound test proof
and the final and official 1 Pound currency:



One Pound Back

The South African Bank Note Company was established in 1958 and prints the currency for South Africa. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank. It is the central bank of South Africa and was established in 1921, making it the oldest central bank in Africa.

It is fascinating that somehow this unique test proof currency note from South Africa was not destroyed after the final production notes were approved and printed. Instead, it was saved, stored and archived for years.

This unique and historical test proof currency note is worthy of the finest collection or museum of South Africa. Although South Africa is famous for its production of gold coins including this denomination (1 Pound) and of course the Krugerrand. This unique test proof of South African currency provide insight into the final stages of design, production and printing.