Certified by PCGS:
Canadian "Two Tailed" Cent


We are very excited to announce that we have just purchased a small group of Canadian Major Mint Errors. We purchased these directly from a Canadian coin dealer who handled a major Canadian collection of error coins. Several of the errors in the collection were off-metals and major error types.

The most amazing Mint Errors in this collection were (2) "Two Tailed" 1980 Canadian Cents. Both of these were just authenticated, certified and graded Mint State 64 Red by PCGS. Both of these "Two Tailed" coins were struck with two reverse dies. For reference purposes, the front of the holder shows side "A". The back of the holder shows side "B". The reverse die on side "A" is slightly misaligned and has an extremely high wire rim. The reverse die on side "B" is rotated approximately 100 degrees.

After being certified by PCGS, Fred Weinberg, a well known Mint Error dealer, purchased the other specimen from us. It is not for sale.

There are approximately thirty genuine two-headed or two-tailed coins that have been authenticated by ANACS, PCGS or NGC. It is amazing that there are only three known "Two Tailed" U.S. coins: two Quarters and one Dime. One of the Quarters recently sold for $80,000.

The specimen that we are offering is a World Class Mint Error and would be the centerpiece of a major collection. This piece is priced $50,000 less than the sales price of the recently sold U.S. "Two Tailed" Quarter.



Mike Byers' discovery was featured in Coin World:

Copyright story reprinted by permission from Page 1 and Page 8 of the October 1, 2001 issue of COIN WORLD, Sidney, OH (coinworld.com)
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