Peace Dollar
Die Adjustment Strike
25% Off-Center



This is a unique and spectacular Peace Dollar, that was not only struck as a die trial, but also struck 25% off-center. This is the farthest off-center Peace Dollar in existence. Plus, there are only four known Peace Dollar die trials, also referred to as die adjustment strikes. This incredible mint error is a very famous rarity and has been around the numismatic community for decades.

This off-center die trial surfaced from a major mint error coin collection and was purchased by Fred Weinberg in the early 1970's. It was then placed in the world famous Mark Lighterman collection of major mint errors. Subsequently it was purchased by another well known mint error dealer and was in their private collection for the last two decades.

This is a spectacular multi error Peace Dollar. All major Peace Dollar errors are extremely rare. The fact that it is an off-center die trial specimen used to adjust the pressure of the dies, makes this Peace Dollar mint error all the more spectacular.

This unique error would be the centerpiece of any major collection.


Die Adjustment Strikes are featured in Chapter 5 of my
NLG award winning book, World's Greatest Mint Errors: