Unique Mint Error Discovery
Mated Pair of
Franklin Half Dollars


This unique mated pair of Franklin Halves, just purchased from an old-time collection, was previously unknown to the numismatic community. This exciting discovery represents the earliest known off-metal mated pair of United States coins.

The first piece of this mated pair is a 1963 Franklin Half double struck with a full indent from a cent planchet. It was double struck out of the collar and is so broadstruck it is the size of a Morgan Dollar.

The second piece is a 1963 Franklin Half struck on a cent planchet. The reverse is a first strike incuse brockage of the obverse of a Franklin Half.

Franklin Halves struck on cent planchets are occasionally available and are worth $5,000. A Franklin Half on a cent planchet with an incuse brockage reverse is worth $10,000, with only a few in existence. This piece is well centered, has a full date, and is in gem condition (PCGS Mint State 66).

A double struck Franklin Half is worth several thousand dollars, and only a handful are known. This double struck Franklin is also broadstruck to the size of a Morgan Dollar, and has a full indent by a cent planchet. This unique mint error by itself would be worth at least $10,000. It is in choice mint state condition (PCGS MS 62).

The fact that both of these pieces are still together and preserved in mint state condition is unbelievable. This represents the earliest known off-metal mated pair of U.S. coins.

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