Frequently Asked Questions

q. Where can I sell my rare U.S. gold coins?

a. We are one of the largest Numismatic corporations dealing in U.S. Gold Coins, Patterns and Rarities certified by PCGS and NGC. Mike Byers has purchased millions of dollars of rare United States gold coins and collections. For over 35 years we have been Market-Makers in U.S. gold coins. We buy and sell proof gold, mint state gold, gold commems and early gold. In 1987, Mike Byers Inc was one of the FIRST major U.S. dealers to offer SEC approved Limited Partnerships / Rare Coin Funds. We purchased major rarities including proof gold, early type gold, and gem mint state gold. Our ads soliciting investors appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Coin World, and other publications. Later on, many coin dealers followed our lead and offered Limited Partnerships as well. Visit our selling page for more information.
q. Where can I buy and sell my fine art paintings and original works?

a. Mike Byers Inc is a dealer in fine art. We specialize in original pieces by Leroy Neiman, Peter Max, Erte and Robert Wyland. Most of the pieces we handle are oil and acrylics on canvas and board, bronzes, watercolors and mixed media artwork.
q. Where can I find information about mint errors?

a. Visit where you can find out the latest news, discoveries and features as well as download the latest edition of Mint Error News Magazine.