1945-S Walking Liberty Half
Struck On An El Salvador 25 Centavo Planchet



This is one of two known Walking Liberty Half Dollars struck on a Foreign Planchet for another country. It is on a planchet that was produced for the El Salvador Silver 25 Centavo. The 25 Centavo was struck for only two years, 1943 and 1944. Since this Walking Liberty Half Off-Metal is dated 1945, it is on a left-over planchet that was stuck in the bin or hopper from the previous year.

The El Salvador blank is considerably smaller and thinner than a blank for a Walking Liberty Half. The pressure from the Walking Liberty Half Dies expanded the diameter of this coin to the Half Dollar size. It is as thin as a Dime and weakly struck since the El Salvador planchet weighs 7.65 grams instead of 12.5 grams for a Half Dollar. It is in choice Mint State condition and is frosty white with blazing luster.

In 2000 we purchased, certified and sold a Walking Liberty Half struck on a Quarter Planchet to another dealer. He consigned it to one of the auctions at the Atlanta ANA in August of 2001, where it sold for over $23,000 after spirited bidding.

This is a very exciting Major Mint Error, because it was struck during World War II at the San Francisco Mint on a left-over blank. This would be the highlight in a Walking Liberty Half Collection or a Type Mint Error Collection.