1981-P Lincoln Cent Obverse Die
Struck on the Obverse of a 1981 Kennedy Half Dollar
Gem Uncirculated

obv rev

This is an extremely dramatic, fascinating and unique double denomination 1981-P Kennedy Half that was overstruck with the obverse die used to strike 1981 Lincoln cents.

There are a handful known of state quarters and Sacagawea dollars which were overstruck by the obverse and reverse dies used to strike Lincoln cents in 2000. The State quarters and Sacagawea dollars that were overstruck by Lincoln cent dies have sold as high as $35,000.

This is the only known Kennedy Half struck by an obverse Lincoln cent die. I purchased this in 2000 from Henry Hilgard and immediately sold it to a customer. It has subsequently traded hands several times and stands alone as a unique mint error.