2000-P Jefferson Nickel
Struck With Two Obverse Dies


slab slab

This is the only known U.S. regular issued coin of ANY denomination that was struck with two obverse dies (two-headed). It stands alone as a major U.S. numismatic rarity and proves that a U.S. two-headed coin exists!

There are four known U.S. regular issued coins struck with two reverse dies. Fred Weinberg sold a two-tailed Washington Quarter for $75,000 and a two-tailed Roosevelt Dime for $45,000. The third known two-tailed was a Washington Quarter that sold in a Heritage Auction for $41,975. Another two-tailed Washington Quarter was recently certified by PCGS.

Fred Weinberg stated that "this amazing unique major mint error is the only known U.S. two-headed coin. It is very dramatic since both sides are identical, having been struck with two obverse dies."

Although slightly weakly struck, it is in gem condition and was certified and authenticated by PCGS as MS 65. It is exciting that this unique and spectacular major mint error survived the minting process. This unique mule was authenticated and certified by PCGS in 2016.



This unique two-headed Nickel is featured on the cover of Mint Error News Magazine Issue 40


Featured in an article in Coin World

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