2008 China 500 Yuan
One Ounce Gold Panda
Partial Collar




In the 37 years that the official Mint of the People's Republic of China has been producing gold Panda coins, this is the only known major striking error on the one ounce gold Panda coin. It is a unique partial collar and is authenticated and certified MS 69 by NGC.

China is well known throughout the world for producing the Panda series of gold coins. It also has one of the strictest quality control procedures of any world mint with virtually no major mint errors known in the gold Panda series.

Other than the minor struck-thru errors found in the gold Panda series, the only two known striking errors are both on the smallest denomination and size, the 1/10th ounce. One is a partial collar and the other was struck on a small clipped planchet.

This unique Panda one ounce gold major mint error belongs in a collection of Chinese coins, major mint errors, gold errors or in a collection of unique coins.

Partial collar mint errors on gold coins are extremely rare. In 1975, I handled the only known one ounce Krugerrand gold coin with a full partial collar around the rim. It was featured in my Catalog of Rare Mint Errors.


Gold Errors are featured in Chapter 12 of my
NLG award winning book, World's Greatest Mint Errors: