1869 Indian Cent
Struck on Silver Dime Planchet



This spectacular Indian Cent was struck on a Silver Dime blank planchet intended for the Seated Dime series. It is also dated 1869, which is a rare date in the Indian Head Cent series. It is a unique Silver Indian Cent for the date, and one of approximately ten known for all dates.

This is a famous Mint Error and its pedigree dates back to at least 1913. It was originally in the Woodin Collection of Patterns, Die Trials and Mint Errors and was subsequently listed in the Adams and Woodin Reference Book, which was published in 1913. It was assigned AW# 825.

It was subsequently sold to Brenner and was included in his collection, which was exhibited at the American Numismatic Society in 1914. It was then in the Olsen collection and has subsequently sold and traded hands several times since then. It is also listed in Judd as a mint error and has been recently featured on uspatterns.com.

It is a breathtaking and dramatic mint error because it is a SILVER INDIAN CENT! It is well struck, which is unusual for Cents struck on Dime Planchets. It has razor sharp detail including the word Liberty, the feathers in the Indianís headband and the diamonds by the neck. It has a bright silvery appearance with beautiful cobalt and red peripheral toning.

Considering that it is unique for the date, is over one hundred and thirty years old and is a true classic Major Mint Error, this would be the centerpiece and highlight of a Major Mint Error collection or an Indian Cent collection.


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