2018-P Roosevelt Dime
Struck on a Steel Planchet

98% Iron / 1.5 Grams
New Discovery


This is a fascinating new discovery. U.S. Roosevelt Dime off-metals are very rare. There only a few known on copper or foreign aluminum planchets.

This 2018 Roosevelt Dime was struck on a full size steel planchet weighing 1.5 grams. It is as struck with blazing luster, has no surface marks or distractions, and was weakly struck due to the hardness of the steel planchet.

U.S. Major Mint Errors that are dated 2010 through 2022 are very scarce. It is a rare event to discover a U.S. off-metal, die cap or double struck major mint error dated 2010 or later.

The only official U.S. coins struck in steel were the 1944 Lincoln Cents during World War II. To have a 2018 Roosevelt Dime off-metal struck on a steel (98% iron) planchet is a very exciting discovery and an extremely rare mint error.



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