1795 Draped Bust Dollar
Small Eagle
Struck on 96 Grain Copper Planchet

World Famous Numismatic Rarity
Pedigree: Parmelee, Newcomer
$400,000 SOLD for $375,000


This is one of the most spectacular and amazing United States numismatic rarities of all time. I have been a full time rare coin dealer for close to 50 years and have handled many unique, famous and expensive coins, since this is my speciality. A few spectacular mint errors that I have handled include the unique gold Buffalo Nickel, several gold Indian Head Cents, several 1943 copper Lincoln Cents, the unique 1942 aluminum proof Cent, and the unique 1851 $20 struck on a Large Cent planchet. I have also handled many unique and spectacular gold coins including the unique 1907 $20 St. Gaudens matte proof, the unique 1908 $20 St. Gaudens satin proof, the unique 1843 Dahlonega $5 Liberty Specimen, and the unique 1873 $5 Closed 3 Specimen.

This unique 1795 Small Eagle Dollar was struck on a 96 grain copper planchet. Certified by PCGS as AU 55, it still retains much luster and is absolutely stunning. In my professional opinion, this 1795 Small Eagle Dollar was struck on a half cent planchet. This scenario seems most logical since the weight of 96 grains falls between the two weights of early dated half cents, 84 grains and 104 grains. Early half cents are known to have different weights and even the Red Book states that "the figures given are statutory. Actual weights will vary."

The pedigree is among the most complete ever, passing from several world class famous collections from 1863 to 1975. The last time that this 1795 Draped Bust Dollar in Copper sold in public auction was almost 50 years ago in a Stack's auction in 1975. Since then, it has remained in a private collection.

This unique rarity just surfaced and was immediately sold in the mid six-figure range to a collector who has an extensive collection of United States rare coins. Whether this is a mint error, pattern or die trial, it clearly transcends any specific category and would be treasured by any collector or numismatist.

Here is the listing of this Unique Copper Draped Bust Dollar
on uspatterns.com including the pedigree and analysis:


Amazing Pedigree

ex Woodward 1863
ex Parmelee 1890
ex Woodside 1892
ex Woodin/ANS 1914
ex Newcomer
ex Boyd
ex Kosoff 1951
ex Stacks 1975
ex Private Collection
ex Lustig 2022
ex Byers 2022

Now Residing in a Private Collection





This Unique Copper Draped Bust Dollar is the
plate coin in the Adams & Woodin reference book
United States Pattern, Trial, and Experimental Pieces
(which was the precursor to the Judd reference book):

Adams & Woodin
Adams & Woodin

This Unique Copper Draped Bust Dollar was also listed in the
fifth edition of the Judd reference book almost fifty years ago:


This group of unique and extremely rare United States
coinage in copper is from the Parmelee Collection.
The Parmelee Plate 1 coin 14 is this
Unique Copper Draped Bust Dollar.


Featured on the cover of Mint Error News Magazine Issue 64:


Wrong Planchet and Off-Metal Errors are featured in my
NLG award winning book, World's Greatest Mint Errors: