1842 Argentina 8 Escudos
Obverse Die Trial in Silver
(Regular Gold Issue ONLY 5 KNOWN)
Struck at the La Rioja Mint


This is an incredible and unique 1842 Argentina 8 Escudos struck in silver. It is an obverse die trial with a uniface reverse. NGC authenticated and certified it AU-58. It is unlisted in Krause and is referenced to CJ-10.2. It is the obverse design for Krause KM 14 (the 8 Escudos struck in gold).

It is fascinating that this unique obverse silver die trial exists for the already excessively rare gold 8 Escudos. It features the portrait of Juan Manuel de Rosas. There are only 5 known gold 8 Escudos on this 1 year type, in private hands. In 2012, Heritage Auctions sold a NGC XF 40 for $51,750.

The gold 8 Escudos is not priced in Krause and this silver 8 Escudos is not listed. This silver 8 Escudos is literally as struck with no adverse marks or handling wear. It is fully struck with grey and blue hues and original luster.

This unique silver 8 Escudos obverse die trial struck in 1842 at the La Rioja Mint is one of the most spectacular coins from Latin America.




Die Trials are featured in Chapter 13 of my
NLG award winning book, World's Greatest Mint Errors: