2000 Sacagawea Dollar
Obverse Capped Die


slab slab

This incredible Sacagawea Dollar obverse die cap is larger than an Ike Dollar and an American Silver Eagle. It is 1.75" (44.4 mm) in diameter. An American Silver Eagle is 1.59" (40.6 mm) in diameter.

This is a multi-struck obverse die cap and was struck at least 50 times. There are over 50 rings, one for each strike. In addition, there are several strikes that overlap.

It is unique and one of the most spectacular major mint errors ever seen. Fred Weinberg states that "this is the largest Sacagawea Dollar known, and the only Sacagawea Dollar obverse or reverse die camp discovered in the last 15 years. This is a world class mint error."

For market comparison, an Ike Dollar obverse die cap, pictured below, sold for $29,900 in a Heritage auction in a NGC MS 67 holder.



This Ike Dollar obverse cap sold for $29,900 in a Heritage auction.