1870 Standard Silver 10¢ Judd #837
Broadstruck on a Copper Nickel (CN) Planchet
(Instead of a Silver Planchet)
76% Cu, 24% Ni, .99 Grams
Proof Pattern Off-Metal Mint Error
UNIQUE (The Only Coin In Existence)


This is a unique and spectacular mint error, a proof pattern off-metal. It was struck on a copper nickel planchet instead of a silver planchet. It's composition is 76% Cu and 24% Ni, which is copper-nickel. It weighs .99 grams. PCGS certified it Proof-65.

The planchet was smaller than the intended size and was also broadstruck. It is the only known copper-nickel Standard Silver Dime in the entire 1869-1870 series, from Judd #837 through Judd #872. The official Standard Silver Dimes were struck in silver, copper and aluminum.

USPatterns.com states that it is unique and was struck on misrolled nickel 3¢ planchet stock, or on the 1¢ stock for the 1869 pattern cent in copper nickel, Judd #669.

This unique proof off-metal U.S. pattern struck in copper nickel was in the world-famous Simpson Pattern Collection. It belongs in a major U.S. Mint Error collection or a U.S. Pattern collection and is one of the most fascinating proof pattern mint errors known.




Proof Pattern Errors are featured in Chapter 22 of my
NLG award winning book, World's Greatest Mint Errors: