1985 Proof $100 Canada
National Parks Commemorative Gold Coin
Reverse Die Cap & Brockage Obverse

slab slab

This unique proof die cap is more that 30% larger in diameter than a properly struck commemorative.


This Canadian Gold $100 Reverse Die Cap is the only known obverse or reverse die cap for any Canadian gold coin. The Royal Canadian Mint issued this coin in 1985. It is the $100 National Park Commemorative Coin. The obverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II and the reverse has a bighorn mountain sheep.

After being struck, this proof gold coin adhered to the reverse die and became a reverse die cap. It subsequently struck blank planchets, creating brockages on the reverse of each coin. The obverse design of this die cap expanded with each strike. As with any reverse die cap, the shape resembles a bottle cap. This unique gold die cap struck a large number of coins since the diameter expanded considerably. The shape of the die cap is extremely deep.

It is incredible that this dramatic gold die cap was discovered and subsequently sent to PCGS for authentication and grading. Furthermore, there is only one other known gold die cap from any country. It is an 1824 English Half Sovereign obverse die cap, which struck only two or three coins and is very shallow and slightly cupped. By comparison this proof Canadian $100 Commemorative Gold Coin combines several major mint errors. It is a deep reverse die cap, that was struck multiple times with an expanded obverse brockage.

This is one of the rarest, most expensive and most spectacular Canadian Mint Errors known. This unique proof gold die cap rivals any U.S. Gold Mint Error in rarity, prestige and value. In fact, there are no known U.S. gold obverse or reverse die caps and only two known U.S. gold brockages.