1967 Kennedy Half
Struck on a 25¢ Planchet - 5.6 Grams
SMS (Special Mint Set)
1 of 2 Known
On Sale $1,750

slab slab

This Kennedy Half was struck on a clad quarter planchet weighing 5.6 grams. It was discovered in a sealed Special Mint Set (SMS) and submitted to NGC for authentication and certification.

Off-Metals on U.S. SMS coins are extremely rare. This is just one of two known Kennedy Half off-metals that are SMS. There are three known Quarters struck on Nickel planchets that are also SMS.

Special Mint Set (SMS) off-metals are many times rarer than even proof off-metals, with just a handful known on any denomination. I have handled over 100 U.S. proof off-metals over the last 40 years but this is only the second SMS off-metal that I was fortunate enough to purchase.