(1857) $20 Double Eagle
Reverse Hub Trial in Lead
Judd Plate Coin

Ex: Nagy, Judd, Kosoff, Weinberg


This is a unique $20 Double Eagle reverse hub trial attributed to 1857. It is listed as Judd # A1857-6 and is plated in the Judd reference book. Although authenticated and certified MS 62 by PCGS as a die trial, it is actually a hub trial. It is virtually as struck and is very dramatic and large, weighing 35 grams. This hub trial has a very famous pedigree including Nagy, Judd, Kosoff and Weinberg.

This hub trial features a heraldic eagle with a large ornamental shield, holding a scroll in its beak and an olive branch in its talons. The other side has portions of a wreath showing. According to Saul Teichman of USPatterns.com, the design was "not used on any patterns that I am aware of. It is possibly the work of Anthony C. Paquet but that is uncertain."

From 1849 through 1908, this is the only known $20 Double Eagle die trial or hub trial struck in lead. It belongs in a collection of U.S. Patterns, $20 Double Eagles or unique numismatic rarities.



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