1876 Great Britain Half Sovereign
GOLD Reverse Brockage
(Incuse Brockage of the Obverse on the Reverse)


Gold brockages on Great Britain Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns are extremely rare. This 1876 gold brockage has an incuse design of the obverse on the reverse. In the Platinum Night of the August 2022 Heritage Auction, there were three very rare Sovereign and Half Sovereign major mint errors that sold. A 50% off-center certified by NGC realized $40,800. A double struck with the second strike 85% off-center also certified by NGC realized $17,400. And an identical 1876 Half Sovereign gold brockage certified MS 64 realized $31,200.

Although the gold brockage Half Sovereign offered here has been certified AU 58 by NGC, the incuse brockage side is of similar condition and quality when compared to the one that sold for $31,200. It is the perfect example of an incuse brockage Half Sovereign for a mint error specialist or a collector of English gold coins.



NGC Certificate Verification

Gold Errors are featured in Chapter 12 of my
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