1831 Great Britain 1/2 Sovereign
Reverse Pattern
Gilt Uniface Reverse
NGC Proof 65 Ultra Cameo


This is a unique and unrecorded proof gilt reverse pattern for the 1831 Great Britain William IV 1/2 Sovereign. The regular issue was struck in proof-only and is rare.

This reverse pattern is not listed in any numismatic reference book, including Wilson and Rasmussen. It is also missing from every major Great Britain collection of Gold and 1/2 Sovereigns.

This unique die trial pattern was struck to test the new diameter, design and new experimental equipment at the Royal Mint. The regular proof-only issue was struck with both plain and milled edges. These were struck for the coronation of King William IV, who reigned from 1830 to 1837, and included in the Gold Proof sets that are extremely rare.

It is amazing that this 1/2 Sovereign pattern was preserved for almost 200 years and is in gem condition. This unique and unrecorded pattern belongs in a collection of English Gold Coins and Patterns.



Die Trials are featured in chapter 13
of my NLG Award winning book, World's Greatest Mint Errors: