1910 Lincoln Cent
Uniface Test Strike



This Unique Discovery Piece was featured and illustrated in a half
page Coin World article in the September 22, 2003 Issue page 94.

Yet another unique die trial has surfaced. This 1910 Lincoln Cent Uniface Test Strike was certified by PCGS and is unique and unreported. It is not listed in Judd, Pollock or any other numismatic reference.

It was purchased from an east coast estate which included several other unique and spectacular United States major mint errors.

Considering the fact that the Lincoln Cent series is one of the most popular and collected series of U.S. Coins, it is amazing that there is no reference to this 1910 Test Strike Piece anywhere.

There are two 1909 Obverse Lincoln Cent Die Trials struck in lead. One is ex-Judd, the other is the Pollock plate coin.

It is fascinating that a test strike was made in 1910 of the obverse on a copper planchet with a uniface reverse.



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