Germany Weimar Republic
5 Mark 1932 Oaktree
Struck in Nickel 18 Grams
KM Pn353a Schaaf 331/M10
Probe "Test Strike Off-Metal"
Brockage Obverse & Reverse On Original Strike
Gem Mint State
Unique Pattern Mint Error


This is a unique German 5 Mark off-metal pattern mint error, struck from adopted dies but in Nickel. It is listed as KM Pn 353a and Schaaf 331/M10 in Nickel. It weighs 18 grams instead of 25 grams in silver. It is extremely rare with only a few known struck in Nickel.

Additionally, it was subsequently brockaged by an already struck 5 Mark probe on both the obverse and reverse. The word "probe" is visible both on the original coin in raised letters AND incused from the brockage from another struck probe 5 Mark.

It is an absolutely fascinating discovery of a German 5 Mark off-metal probe (test strike-pattern) with both an obverse and reverse brockage over the original strike. It is destined for a world class collection of German coins or Mint Errors and Patterns.




"Probe" from original strike in raised letters.

"Probe" from brockage in incuse letters.


Obverse from regular
5 Mark Pattern in Nickel.

Reverse from regular 5 Mark Pattern
in Nickel with "Probe" (above red arrow).