1877 $50
Reverse Hub Trial in Lead
Judd #A1877-11 Plate Coin

Authenticated by NGC
Environmental Damage


This unique 1877 $50 Reverse Hub Trial is the Judd 8th Edition Plate Coin J-A1877-11, page 317. It was struck in lead and is an incuse impression of Barber's famous Half Union pattern. The pedigree includes Stephen Nagy and Abe Kosoff.

This unique Reverse Hub Trial has only the eagle, scroll, arrows and laurel branches of the design. It is missing the rays, motto and outer legends. It measures 43 x 41.8 mm.

In 1877 William Barber engraved dies for two obverses and one reverse for the $50 denomination.

There is one known obverse hub trial of just the portrait of Judd #1546. It is struck in lead and is in the Smithsonian. This is the reverse hub trial for the same pattern, Judd #1546.

The gold pattern is unique and is also in the Smithsonian. A few are known in copper and are worth up to $200,000 in gem condition.

There are only 272 Splashers known and only 43 Hub Trials known for the entire U.S. Pattern series. There are only a few known Hub and Die Trials for the $50 denomination, which includes the two described above dated 1877 and the 1915 $50 Pan-Pac.




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