1804 $2½ Capped Bust To Right
Double Struck
First Strike Off-Center

NGC Fine 15


All major mint errors on U.S. Gold coins are very rare. This 1804 $2½ Capped Bust To Right type is extremely rare with a mintage of 3,327. The reverse is the fourteen star variety. NGC just certified this discovery coin double struck first strike off-center and graded it Fine 15.

There are less than a dozen double struck U.S. Gold coins known. This piece is exciting for several reasons in addition to just being discovered. It is double struck on the first type of U.S. $2½ gold coins (1796-1807) and is a rare type coin which is seldom encountered.

This type of double strike is also rare since the first strike was 25% off-center and then was centered and struck a second time with a 15° rotation. Much detail is visible from the original strike. The reverse is visually more dramatic than the obverse since much of the eagle and surrounding detail is visible (off-center) underneath the eagle from the second strike.

Several double struck U.S. gold coins which I have handled or currently own have a slight rotation between the strikes and were struck in the collar. This is only the second time I recall ever seeing another double struck U.S. gold coin where one of the strikes was off-center. The other piece is an 1806 $5 Triple Struck Rotated 90° PCGS AU 50 which has one strike 10% off-center and is currently in my inventory.

This double struck $2½ is a unique and spectacular mint error and would be the centerpiece of a U.S. Gold collection or a collection of major mint errors. This unique discovery mint error is the cover coin for Issue 17 of Mint Error News Magazine.





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