1846 J-110A $5 Obverse Die Trial
Struck on $2½ Trial

NGC MS 65 Brown


This is the unique and famous 1846 $5 Obverse Die Trial struck on a $2½ Trial in Copper. This spectacular Pattern Die Trial is also a Major Mint Error. There are no Patterns or Die Trials that were struck between 1840 and 1849 for any denomination other than this Unique Pattern/Mint Error struck by 1846 Gold Dies of two different denominations.

After being struck as a Die Trial in copper by 1846 $2½ Dies, it was overstruck by an 1846 Obverse $5 Die. In addition, it is a flipover double denomination. The overstrike by the $5 Obverse Die was struck over the reverse of the $2½ design. The reverse of this overstrike, which was not struck by the reverse of the $5 Die, expanded in size because it was positioned on top of a $5 Gold blank.

This unique and spectacular double denomination two-headed gold error in copper has been researched and documented in the following reference books:

After residing in several major collections it was offered in auction at the 1952 ANA (Lot #4478). Almost a decade ago it reappeared in a Bowers and Merena auction and was subsequently placed in a private collection. We recently purchased this coin and are now offering it for sale.



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