1921-S Morgan Dollar
Struck 45% Off-Center



This is the furthest off-center Morgan Dollar known. Even though the date (1921) does not show, the S Mint Mark is on the reverse and this die pair was used to strike 1921-S Morgan Dollars.

Off-center Morgan Dollars are scarce but not rare when they are struck slightly off-center in mint state or 10% to 20% off-center in circulated condition. To have one this far off-center and in choice mint state condition is unbelievable.

This is a very famous major mint error and has been known to the mint error specialists in the numismatic community for over forty years. It is widely considered to be the furthest off-center Morgan Dollar known.

Fred Weinberg owns an 1880-S Morgan Dollar struck 40% off-center and certified MS 63 by PCGS. He values it at six figures and it is one of two featured mint errors photographed on his web site banner.



Featured in my NLG Award winning book,
World's Greatest Mint Errors: