1976-D Bicentennial Ike Dollar
Struck on a 40% Silver Planchet
From the San Francisco Mint

(Should be on a Clad Planchet)
One of Only Two Known


This is an amazing and extremely rare Eisenhower Dollar off-metal. Mint State Bicentennial Eisenhower Dollars were struck on clad planchets at the Denver Mint in 1976. Somehow, a 40% Silver planchet was accidentally mixed with the clad planchets resulting in a Silver Bicentennial Ike Dollar. This is only one of two known Silver Bicentennial Ike Dollars, the other one was certified AU 58.

A few 40% silver planchets produced at the San Francisco Mint and intended to be used to strike Eisenhower Dollars in San Francisco, were accidentally shipped to the Denver Mint.

Although there are an estimated 45 known Denver Mint 40% Silver Ikes are that dated 1974-D and 1977-D, only two dated 1976-D have been discovered.

To illustrate and compare how rare this 1976-D Silver Bicentennial Ike Dollar is, recently in a Heritage auction, a 1977-D Eisenhower Dollar struck on a 40% Silver Planchet sold for $26,400.



One of the approximately 45 known Denver minted Ike off-metals struck on 45% Silver planchets recently sold for $26,400 in the Heritage February 2022 Long Beach Expo US Coins SignatureĀ® Auction #1342 (lot #3132).


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