1875-S Seated Liberty Half Dollar
Struck 20% Off-Center
Finest Known & Second Most Off-Center



This is the finest known and the second most off-center Seated Liberty Half. It is struck 20% off-center and is die struck on both sides, not a uniface reverse. Off-center Seated Liberty Halves are RARE. There are only a few known. Until this spectacular off-center was discovered, there was nothing like it anywhere. PCGS authenticated and certified it 20% off-center MS 62.

The most off-center is struck 40% off-center but is in VG condition and extremely circulated, and certified by NGC. After that there are a couple that are 15%, 10% and 5% in various grades.

In comparison, Morgan Dollars that are struck 20% to 50% off-center are very scarce but not rare. A 20% off-center Morgan is currently being offered on eBay and on another mint error dealer's website for $33,500. I estimate that there are over 15 Morgan dollars that are 20% off-center or more, compared to just these 2 Seated Liberty Halves off-center.

In addition, even slightly off-center or broadstruck Seated Halves are very scarce and usually circulated.

This is an opportunity to purchase an extremely rare major mint error, in terms of percentage off-center and in choice mint state condition, on a Seated Liberty Half Dollar.