1982 Canada 10C
Muled with Cent Reverse Die

Extremely Rare

slab slab

In 2001, I purchased a Canadian major mint error collection that included a few previously unknown types of mint errors. Included in this collection was a unique Canadian Cent (two-tailed) struck with two reverse dies. At the time this was thought to be an impossible mint error. My discovery of this unique Canadian two-tailed Cent was featured in a front page Coin World article. I sent it to PCGS for authentication and certification along with another previously unknown major mint error.

This other previously unknown type of major mint error was a mule. It is a Canadian Dime struck with a Canadian Cent reverse die. The discovery of these two types of mint errors made headline news in the numismatic community since there was finally tangible proof that mules and two-headed/two-tailed coins existed. I also submitted this mule to PCGS and it was authenticated and certified MS 62. I placed it in a major collection and just recently was fortunate enough to reacquire it. In my book, World's Greatest Mint Errors, I dedicated an entire chapter to these two mint error types. It is fascinating that an authenticated and certified Canadian coin has two different designs from two different denominations.



My discovery of the Canadian Two-Tailed Cent was
featured in a front page Coin World article:

Copyright story reprinted by permission from Page 1 and Page 8 of the October 1, 2001 issue of COIN WORLD, Sidney, OH (coinworld.com)
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