Unique 1943 Lincoln Cent 3-Piece Set
Experimental 1943 Copper Blanks
And Zinc Test Blank



Included in this unique 1943 Lincoln Cent set are 3 blanks with different compositions that were part of the metallurgical testing done by the Philadelphia Mint for an alternative to the pre-1943 bronze cent.

NGC previously certified a 5-piece NGC set from The Geyer Family Collection that included an experimental antimony test piece, a pattern and 3 blanks. It originally sold for $161,000.00 in the Heritage January 2010 FUN US Coin Auction in Orlando, FL. It later sold for $58,750.00 in the Heritage November 2013 US Coin Signature Auction in New York.

This unique 3-piece set represents a fascinating part of the Mint's history and production of experimental coinage. This exciting and historic set clearly illustrates the U.S. Mint's process in developing an alternative to the bronze cent due to the shortage of copper during World War II.

There are only 4 1943 Copper-Plated Steel blanks known. There are over 20 1943 Copper Cents known that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. These 1943 1 Cent Copper-Plated Steel Blanks were struck in January 1943 as part of the experimental production of blank planchets by the U.S. Mint.

(1943) 1C Copper-Plated Steel Blank - January 1943 (2.8g) NGC


(1943) 1C Copper-Plated Steel Blank - January 1943 (2.8g) NGC


(1943) 1C T-1 Blank (2.7g) February 1943 NGC


Featured on the cover of Mint Error News Magazine Issue 39


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