Philippines Pattern 50 Centavos
Klippe Die Trial
Identical Design of KM Pn36
1966 White Metal Obverse Uniface Trial
(Overstruck on a Previous Pattern)
Certified by NGC


This unique Philippines 50 Centavos is struck on white metal. This is an obverse die trial for a pattern that was not adopted for circulation and was struck only using the obverse die. It is uniface and uncirculated as struck.

This white metal obverse uniface pattern trial was struck in 1966. It was designed by Jose Tupaz ("EL ORO" J. TUPAZ JR. is stamped in the upper left corner). The obverse portrays the bust of Marcelo H. Del Pilar. It is unique and was overstruck on a previously struck pattern. The design is identical to the design of KM Pn36. Detail from the original strike is noticeable but the exact pattern design can not be identified. It has been authenticated by NGC. This oversized overstruck pattern on a white metal klippe planchet is not listed in KM or any other reference book.

This is a fascinating insight into the production of a proposed pattern that was not adopted to strike coins. This unique die trial is perfect for a collector of Philippine coinage or patterns and die trials.




Here is the detail of the pattern understrike:


Hub and Die Trials are featured in chapter 13
of my NLG Award winning book, World's Greatest Mint Errors: