Canadian 1954 $20 Face and Back
Specimen Test Print
Certified by PCGS Currency


This incredible and unique test print is for the Canadian 1954 $20 face and back. It is fascinating because it is a Specimen Test Print for both sides of the note and printed on the face of the sheet. The back is uniface and the face (front) was only printed in green.

Following the death of King George VI in 1952, the Bank of Canada began issuing a new set of Bilingual Bank notes in 1954. It is a one-year type, the portrait is of the new Queen Elizabeth of England and it is a very popular note.

According to the Charlton Guide reference book, only 12 examples of Specimen notes of the 1954 $20 were distributed. But there is no record of this unique Specimen Test Print. Even the word SPECIMEN was printed in green ink!

The regular issued face of the note is printed in black ink for the text, portrait and border designs, and the back of the note is printed in olive green ink for the landscapes and border designs. Many experiments and changes were implemented for the design and production of this new note in 1954. Design changes included moving the portrait off-center to the right and integrating Canada's Coat of Arms into the background.

For comparison purposes, here are images of this unique specimen test print, along with a specimen note and a regular issued circulating $20 note from 1954:

Specimen Test Print

Specimen Note

Regular Note

This unique Specimen Test Print combines the rarity of being Canada's only known, authenticated and certified Specimen Test Print of the 1954 $20. It provides insight into the final states of design, production and printing. It is a phenomenal discovery that belongs in a collection or museum of Canadian Bank Notes or Canadian Historical Rarities.