Proof 1976-S Jefferson Nickel
Bicentennial Year
Obverse Cud (Die Break)
Just Discovered

Extremely Rare
NGC PF 67 Ultra Cameo


A few extremely rare Proof 1976-S (Bicentennial Year) Jefferson Nickel Cuds were just discovered. These were in a collection for over 40 years. They were just authenticated and certified by NGC.

Proof coins are struck by technicians who hand feed the blanks into special presses. They are produced, examined and packaged using extreme quality control. It is very unusual to find major proof errors. A few broadstrikes, off-centers, double strikes (in collar) and off-metals have been known to be found in sealed proof sets. Proof errors are aggressively sought after by many error collectors.

A very small group of Proof errors recently came from a collection that was auctioned by the State of California. The U.S. Secret Service inspected and released this collection to the State of California determining that it was legal to own. The State of California then auctioned the collection and it has been dispersed since the sale.

The only OTHER date known for Proof Jefferson Nickel Cuds is 1969-S, with an estimated mintage of 15 known. This date trades from $1,250 to $2,000 in gem proof condition.

The 1976-S (Bicentennial Year) Proof Jefferson Nickel obverse cud was just discovered and is much rarer with no archived public sales. We were fortunate to obtain these after they were certified by NGC.


Heritage Auctions
  • 1969-S PCGS PR 67 $1,725
  • Undated NGC PR 67 $1,495
  • 1969-S NGC PR 68 $1,265

Jon Sullivan
  • 1969-S NGC PR 69 $1,600
  • 1969-S NGC PR 68 $1,450

Fred Weinberg
  • Several Proof 1969-S in the $1,500 range

Mike Byers
  • 1969-S PCGS PR 68 $2,000
  • 1969-S NGC PR 66 $1,750



Cuds on proof coins are extremely rare. In 1975, I handled one of two known Proof Lincoln Cent cuds. It was featured in my Catalog of Rare Mint Errors.



Proof Errors are featured in my NLG Award winning book, World's Greatest Mint Errors.