Acarnania Federal Issue Stater
Ca. 250-200 BC.
AR Stater (13.28 grams)
Struck From An Unfinished Die
NGC Choice Very Fine


This is a unique AR Stater from the Leucas Mint. It weighs 13.28 grams instead of 10 grams and is incomplete because it is missing the Magistrates name on the obverse and the letter in the exergue on the reverse. It was struck from an unfinished die either as a die trial, pattern or prototype and on a much heavier planchet. It is authenticated by NGC and the pedigree and weight of 13.28 grams are noted on the NGC insert.

It is the only known example and is pedigreed to BCD Collection in October 2007 and the Gorny & Mosch, Auction in October 2008. The BCD collection is one of the most comprehensive and impressive collections of the ancient coins of Greece ever assembled. The collection as a whole is unsurpassed and contained many new discoveries, as well as pedigreed coins from most of the major private collections, along with duplicates from many important museum collections.

This is an opportunity to acquire a unique die trial, pattern or prototype struck from an unfinished obverse and reverse die on an extremely heavier planchet. THIS IS THE DISCOVERY COIN AND IS UNIQUE.



Here is an example of the Acarnania Federal Issue Stater
with the Magistrates name and letter in the exergue: