1888-A Germany Prussia 10 Mark
Struck As A Specimen In Silver
(Not Struck In Gold Until 1889)
Schaaf 249G1, KM Pn26
PCGS Specimen 62
3 Known


This is an extremely rare Specimen Silver 1888-A German Prussia 10 Mark, struck from identical dies used to strike 10 Marks the following year. This is a die trial off-metal and a specimen striking with only 3 known.

The following year (1889) Prussia struck gold 10 Marks in proof and for circulation as a one year type, KM-517. The proof have an unknown mintage. A proof 64 NGC sold in a Heritage Auction for $10,575. Mint state coins are also very rare with a mintage of only 23,942. A MS 61 NGC sold in a Heritage Auction for $7,050. Krause lists the 1889 K-517 one year type, with the small eagle reverse at $6,500 in Proof and $6,500 in MS 63.

Krause shows an unlisted price for this Silver Specimen. Schaaf only lists it in silver. This specimen has original mottled toning with hues of blue, red and orange. It is a silver die trial of the adopted identical dies that struck the rare one year gold type coin in 1889.




Die Trials are featured in chapter 13
of my NLG Award winning book, World's Greatest Mint Errors: